Darrell Samson
Darrell Samson
Member of Parliament for Sackville—Preston—Chezzetcook
About Darrell Samson
Darrell is a proud Acadian, experienced educator, top-tier administrator, politician, entrepreneur, and defender of linguistic and cultural minorities. He has dedicated his career to empowering the next generation of leaders, and as an MP, he continues to bring strong vision and experience in representing his constituents in Parliament and pushing for progressive change for Canada.

After receiving a Bachelor of Education and Masters in School Administration from Université de Moncton and a Specialization in Second Language teaching from Université Ste. Anne, Darrell acquired a vast repertoire of experience in all facets of the public education sector. He was the Superintendent of Schools for the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial – Nova Scotia’s only French school board – where he worked closely with the Department of Education and various communities to ensure quality education for all students. He is known to meet every challenge with enthusiasm, honesty, and respect. Darrell is happily married and has three adult children. He has been a resident of the Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook riding for 30 years and has deep roots within the community.

ELECTED OFFICE — In addition to serving the constituents of Sackville—Preston—Chezzetcook in the House of Commons, Darrell has also served as an elected official on other boards throughout his professional life. This includes serving as an Executive Member on the RNDGE (2013-2014), as the National President of the RNDGE (2011-2013), President of the Grand rassemblement en éducation francophone (GREF) 2010, a Member of the Advisory Council on Early Years in Nova Scotia (2012), and also as an elected School Board Trustee with the CSAP (1997-2003).

BUSINESS OWNER – Early on in his career, Darrell was the owner of three successful small businesses in the retail and construction sectors. He employed people from his own community and expanded opportunities for the region, all while operating in a very competitive environment. Coming from a family with a long history in business, he learned the skills and had the work ethic that it took to be a successful business owner.

CHAMPION OF OFFICIAL LANGUAGES — Throughout his career, Darrell has been a strong advocate for the rights of official language minority communities. Whether it is through the work that he did in the education sector for over thirty years, or in his current role as founder and Chair of the Official Language Minority Communities Caucus, he’s been at the forefront of this issue for most of his life.

Some of Darrell’s key accomplishments on official languages include managing the only French-language school board in Nova Scotia (CSAP) for 11 years, for which he was formally recognized in receiving the Regroupement national des directions generals en education’s (RNDGE) “Prix Edgar-Gallant 2016.” This award is handed out annually to an individual who has had a significant positive impact on French-language education in a minority setting at a provincial and a national level. In addition, during his time in education, he was successful in doubling the size of the CSAP’s budget to 75$ million, managing over 600 employees, and opening numerous new schools, serving students from across the province; all the while enabling student performance and enrolment to increase over 25% in 10 years. During his time at the CSAP, Darrell also built strong relationships with indigenous leaders in the province, as the Acadian and Mi’kmaq communities have a long history of friendship and collaboration in Nova Scotia.

As the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence, Darrell works hard to ensure Veterans receive the respect, support, care, and economic opportunities that they deserve. This includes working with the Minister of National Defence to ensure a seamless transition for Canadian Armed Forces members to Veterans Affairs Canada programs and services.

As your representative in Parliament, Darrell’s door is always open to speak with constituents on any issues of concern or to simply hear your ideas on how we can make the government work better for you and your family’s needs.
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